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Gala and Themed Nights in 1001 Direk Cistern

Pictures from Themed Nights in 1001 Direk Cistern

Turkish Nigth, Rome Nights, Atlantis Night..

Historical 1001 Direk Cistern can prepare special themes for your organisation or offers examples from themed nights has prepared before.

Special Meetings and Lansmans

Pictures from special Meetings and Lansmans

Cities make surprises…

Make a beautiful surprise to your guests. We can arrange your concept with our imagination team, in order to how you want to realize your organisation, in the best way.

Wedding Wedding like a Fairy Tale in 1001 Direk Cistern...

In every step, you find a history and in every corner, you find a memory that belongs to the old times in 1001 Direk Cistern. Every breath you take in this atmosphere, becomes a United whole with the historical tissue that pulls you more inside. Just at that moment, you became the heroes of your story…

The weddings need a madly rush from one place to another. Written invitation, marriage candies, choosing the wedding-dress… Each one is a confusion. The heroes of this story live not only a tiresome but also a pleasant density before the wedding. And when that happy day comes, a great excitement arises in their hearts. All the works and wishes are for perfect advance in everything. At this point 1001 Direk Sarnıcı makes you felt its difference with its Professional service quality and supplies this story sweet-telling to all generations.