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While civilizations, countries, emperors and people have been changing and the time has been going by with the speed that we can not catch up, the 1001 Cistern has been watching around with a smile for more than 1600 years as it had predicted these changes.

1001 Direk Cistern opens its doors to the visitors as a place that lives every day differently and serves varied alternatives since we purpose the 1001 Direk Cistern to hold a dinstinctive place in İstanbul’s cultural and artifice life.

In May 2005, Dom Turizm has set up by two brothers to manage 1001 Direk Cistern, and at the end of efficient reconstruction Works, the cistern has returned to its old and splendid days. From that day, Baran Güreş and Sertaç Güreş brothers have gone swiftly to continuance of renovating the deficiencies and a new institution has been formed where you get a Professional and reliable assistance easily.

Firstly, Dom Turizm has worked to become valuable of the Historical 1001 Direk Cistern as a museum, and in the other side, Dom Turizm didn’t hang back from working together with civillian society foundations and public for growing up the tourism in İstanbul.

And also they worked to increase the museum visitors every year, and the Cistern to be well-known in international areas.

While 1001 Direk Cistern, which takes an important place especially in Congress Tourism, becomes the host of very important invitations increasing every year, continues working to grow up not only itself, but also its surroundings.

Historical 1001 Direk Cistern is waiting to become a host of your most painstaking invitations with the culture of hundert years in the heart of historical peninsula.

The city hides, you discover….